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What is WManager

WManger is an open-source software developed by the company JAMAIN SOCIAL AND SERVICES SRL aimed to support the process automation in enterprise scenarios.

WManager was release as an open-source software in December 2017 and it is now available in GitHub at the link:

JAMAIN SOCIAL AND SERVICES is today caring about the software maintenance and is also working to complete the WManager ecosystem including an extension marketplace, professional training and advisory services aiming to make WManager “the open source alternative” to branded products like Salesforce, SAP and Dynamics for process automation projects.

As an open-source software we aim to create a business opportunity not only for final users (that will be saving licenses fees) but also for business consultants, business integrators and developers that can extend their business proposition with an highly valuable alternative.

WManager by a technical point of view

By a technical point of view WManager is an HMVC Development Environment (PHP software based on CodeIgniter framework) that includes:

  • A configurable workflow management system: an innovative engine that can automate processes based on CMS like form template mechanism and POA (plan of activities).
  • A set of built in general purpose features: that is a general purpose business data model plus generic features like company, users and roles management, attachments managements, fron-end templating and more. The built in feature can help to speed up new projects and give a practice for subsequent custom development and hence increase the overall level of governance in any WManager based project.
  • An Extension management system that is a very flexible mechanism to create/import/customize “extensions” for WManager in order to create custom solutions.
  • An HMVC Development Environment itself, and hence a software that can be completely customized based on the needs.

WManager was created by JAMAIN SOCIAL AND SERVICES after about 5 years of R&D in the process automation area.

Wmanager was built as a product and hence we can provide tools, guidelines and recommendations to cover of the software development lifecycle (installation, upgrading, deployment etc.) with the highest level of governance.

The generic WManager project

The common roadmap of a new projects includes:

  • A detailed phase of Analysis (process analysis, requirement gathering, feasibility study);
  • The development of one or more dedicated extensions;
  • The configuration of one or more processes (that may include the development of custom forms templates);
  • The customization of the business data model for the specific market/customer;
  • Delivery;
  • Training and go-live.

It must be noted that WManager cannot be considered a “ready-to-go” because it requires configurations/customization activities to be handled by business consultants, system integrators and/or developers. This is a part of the business model of the platform itself.

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