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Development tools

What do you need to develop?

This is the suggested configuration to proceed with WManager development.

Create your local Apache/PHP/Postgres environment


We like and hence we suggest Eclipse Mars 2 for PHP Developers . Installation is straightforward.

In order to install Eclipse you will need an available JVM installed. We liked to get it from here:

You can verify the proper installation of JAVA using the following command (or equivalent)

Gianlucas-iMac:~ admin$ /usr/libexec/java_home 
Gianlucas-iMac:~ admin$ 

Command line development tools/Git

Unless you haven't installed them yet, you will most likely need to install the “Command line development tools”. Basically we relay on git commands.

On MAC the Installation may be initiated by Eclipse installation tool itself. In other OS you may to install git

You can otherwise follow these links to find the simples solutions for your local environment.

After having completed the git installation you can run the following configuration steps to verify if everything is working fine:

git config --global "Mona Lisa"
git config --global

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