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TECH2018/S4/Developing forms templates

Session summary

  • During TECH2018/Session2 we have learned about the use of SIMPLE FORMS and MAGIC FORMS in the built in engine.
  • This section addresses the development of CUSTOM FORMS and NOT STANDARD FORMS.
  • CUSTOM FORMS and NOT STANDARD FORMS are used within the built-in ENGINE and allow to update business data (that is saving in @live).

Session Index

Topics regarding activities in general
forms_types Recall forms types
default_form_template The default form template
Topics regarding activities in general
activity_url What is the activity URL
form environment Getting the form environment
payload The activity Payload
forms_fe_validation Front-end validation
forms_status_window form “status” window
process_libraries Process libraries
About developing your first forms
develop_custom_form Develop your first custom form
develop_not_standard_form Develop your first not-standard form
Questions, Exercises, More Hint
Q What different types of forms templates do you know? There are 4 different types…
Q What is the default activity page templats and in which form types is it used?
Q Why do you think we embedded the STATUS window in the form view instead than in the activity template?
Q What is payload?
Q What is the @live process?
Q Is the form data model always necessary?
Q What is the difference between SIMPLE FORM and MAGIC FORM?
Q Why do you need a process library?

TECH2018 Index

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