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How To Contribute

This is the process used to contribute in WManager

Wmanager is composed of three areas. Which are:

  • Core
  • Dummy/Front end pages
  • Dummy/Admin section

Edit process:

  1. Get a pull from develop branch of github
  2. Created a working branch say (BugFix1) and do the fixes
  3. Add the changes to the ChangesLog.txt in root directory
  4. If there is any sql changes please create a new file and name the file that connects to the entry on changeLog.txt in sql folder of root directory
  5. Push your changes to working branch and create a pull request
  6. If there is any important changes for your please update the content in WIKI.
  7. Finally send a mail to the maintainer of wmanager at explaining the changes therefore he can merge the changes to master branch and add to the new version tag.
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