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Setup Troubles

Troubles in WManager is just the means to handle customer requests. With setup troubles we have actually attained near perfect mechanism to acheive the client requests. With Setup troubles you can create your own trouble type that suits your business. We have provided below the description on how to add a new trouble type.

Add New Trouble Type

To add a new trouble type you need to click on Troubles in admin section. It will take you to list page where you can find all existing types. To add a new one click on ADD

This Section contains 3 tabs:

  • General Details
  • Related Processes
  • Subtypes

General Details

This Tab you can add the title,key,blocking options and severity of the trouble type. Click on save button to enable the other tabs.

General Details

With Troubles you can actually initiate a business process when the trouble is created. In order to use the feature we need to add the related process. when you check the auto-create then you are enabling the auto create feature that our engine supports. Be sure that you don't add processes that are not related to the trouble because any agent can open the process from troubles page.

 Related Process


With this option you can actually add subtypes on a particular trouble. say for example phone damage is trouble and subtype can be screen-damage,speaker damage etc. If you don't need a subtype just ignore the tab as it won't be displayed in front end.

Trouble Status

Troubles has 4 status to locate in which state each trouble is currently processed. The statuses are given below:

  • NEW: Denotes that trouble is early stage.
  • WIP: Denotes that work regarding this trouble has been stated.
  • DONE: Denotes the final stage of the trouble.
  • CANCELLED: Denotes that the trouble was cancelled even before the issue was addressed.
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