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Prebuild front-end pages

Having a predefined business data model is even more interesting when you have some pre-build front-end pages to handle your data. You see in the following two default pages:

  • Customers page;
  • Contracts page.

As a developer, look at these pages to have a reference for you future front-end development. You can click on the following images to have an enlarged preview.

 Customer List

 Contract List

How to customize existing front-end pages

Customizing the CONTRACT LIST PAGE

Contract list view can be customised:

  • Views /application/views/common/be/list.php,
  • Controller /application/controllers/common/Businessentities.php
  • Model for database operation can be handle in /application/models/Be.php

 Contract List


From customer list page on click of particular customer system will redirect to the customer details page. Customer details page:

  • View can be customised in /application/views/common/accounts/detail.php,
  • Controller logic are handled in /application/controllers/common/Accounts
  • Models database operations are managed in /application/models/Accounts.php

 Customer Details


On click of troubles from the menu system will redirect to the troubles page.

Troubles add,edit view pages can be customised in /application/views/common/troubles/add.php file, controllers are managed in /application/common/Troubles.php and model database operation are handled in /application/models/Trouble.php file. Troubles add,edit page is the angular template which loads from /application/assets/js/angular/app.js file

 Trouble page

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