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TECH2018/S1/Running installation wizard

There are a number of steps required to install WManager after downloading. This page is a helpful guide to install WManager. WManager Installer


The system will check the configuration and basic needs for installing the WManager.

Step 1 - System Check

Please click on help button for configuration

  • Provide read, write and execute (0777) permission for /application/config/ folder.
  • Provide read, write and execute (0777) permission for /application/logs/ folder.
  • Provide read, write and execute (0777) permission for /assets/uploads/ folder.
  • Provide read, write and execute (0777) permission for /application/modules/ and /application/cron/ folder.


Provide the postgres hostname, username and password to test the connection to postgres. After the connection test, the system will redirect to the database creation page.

Step 2 - Database Connection Check

hostname : localhost
username : wmanager
password : password


Enter the database name which you want to create or enter an existing database name which you have already created with no tables in it.

Step 3 - Database Creation

After step 3 system will check the database and show the status of the database

Step 3 - New Database Created If the user has entered new database name

Step 3 - Existing Database If the user has selected existing database name


After creation of database, the system will add all the tables which are necessary for the WManager. Insert all the site setting details and click on processed. Step 4 - Site Settings Note : All the fields are compulsory in site settings expect logo

Admin Username : Username for the admin
Admin Email : Email id for the admin
Admin Password : Password for the admin
Confirm Password : Re-enter the Password for the admin
Base Url : Automatically taken from the virtual host setup
Company Name : Name of the company
First Name : First name of the admin
Last Name : Last name of the admin
Logo : Any new logo for the application


This is the final stage of installation where it will show the details and remove all the installer files which are not necessary. Step 5 - Finish Installation


After the installation user will be redirect to login page of the application

WManager - Login

  • Login screen will authenticate the user based on the EmailId and password which has be created in the sites settings
  • After user is authenticated, the system will redirect the user to WManager dashboard

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