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-====== TECH2018/S1/Running installation wizard ====== 
-There are a number of steps required to install WManager after downloading. This page is a helpful guide to install WManager. 
-{{:wmanager:wmanager_installer.png|WManager Installer}} 
-==== STEP 1 ==== 
-The system will check the configuration and basic needs for installing the WManager. 
-{{:wmanager:step1.png|Step 1 - System Check}} 
-**Please click on help button for configuration** 
-  * Provide read, write and execute (0777) permission for **/application/config/** folder. 
-  * Provide read, write and execute (0777) permission for **/application/logs/** folder. 
-  * Provide read, write and execute (0777) permission for **/assets/uploads/** folder. 
-  * Provide read, write and execute (0777) permission for **/application/modules/** and **/application/cron/** folder. 
-==== STEP 2 ==== 
-Provide the postgres hostname, username and password to test the connection to postgres. After the connection test, the system will redirect to the database creation page. 
-{{:wmanager:step2.png|Step 2 - Database Connection Check}} 
-  hostname : localhost 
-  username : wmanager 
-  password : password 
-==== STEP 3 ==== 
-Enter the database name which you want to create or enter an existing database name which you have already created with no tables in it. 
-{{:wmanager:step3.png|Step 3 - Database Creation}} 
-After step 3 system will check the database and show the status of the database 
-{{:wmanager:step3-db.png|Step 3 - New Database Created}} 
-**If the user has entered new database name** 
-{{:wmanager:step-db-exist.png|Step 3 - Existing Database}} 
-**If the user has selected existing database name** 
-==== STEP 4 ==== 
-After creation of database, the system will add all the tables which are necessary for the WManager. 
-Insert all the site setting details and click on processed. 
-{{:wmanager:step4.png|Step 4 - Site Settings}} 
-**Note : All the fields are compulsory in site settings expect logo** 
-Admin Username : Username for the admin 
-Admin Email : Email id for the admin 
-Admin Password : Password for the admin 
-Confirm Password : Re-enter the Password for the admin 
-Base Url : Automatically taken from the virtual host setup 
-Company Name : Name of the company 
-First Name : First name of the admin 
-Last Name : Last name of the admin 
-Logo : Any new logo for the application 
-==== STEP 5 ==== 
-This is the final stage of installation where it will show the details and remove all the installer files which are not necessary.  
-{{:wmanager:step5.png|Step 5 - Finish Installation}} 
-==== WMANAGER LOGIN ==== 
-**After the installation user will be redirect to login page of the application** 
-{{:wmanager:login.png?300|WManager - Login}} 
-  * Login screen will authenticate the user based on the EmailId and password which has be created in the sites settings 
-  * After user is authenticated, the system will redirect the user to WManager dashboard 
-[[ wmanager:installation_guide | Back to installation page ]] 
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