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Extension can be added from WManager admin section. User who belongs to admin group have a permission access the WManager Admin section.

User should click on wmanager which is on top left side of page to access the WManager admin section.

To add the new extension user should click on extension link and click on add, which will redirect user to add the extension from marketplace.

 WManager Extension List

User can search the extension which are available in the marketplace and click on install:

 Add Extension

On click of install button system will the popup:  Add Extension

Paid Extension

  • Click on Buy Now which will redirect the user to marketplace place to buy the extension.
  • If already purchased the extension and enter the token for downloading the extension.
  • If already have the extension package file click on install to install the extension.

Free Extension

  • User can directly download the extension if it is free.
  • Click on the Install and select the downloaded package to install the extension into the system.
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