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Setup Processes

Processes in WManager is the most important feature in CRM section. Process is of 2 types Automatic and Manual. The difference between these 2 types is the way the process is created for a particular customer. The process can be created from the process section by a admin.We can see how a process is being created below.

Each Process will contain multiple activities that will be directly associated to a operative of your organization.

Adding a process

Adding a process will contain 4 tabs they are:

  • General
  • Form
  • Status
  • Other Variable

General Tab

This tab you can provide the basic details about the process like Title,Key,Description,BPM (that means weather it is automatic or manual),Weight and Blocking options.


Form Tab

This tab you can select a form that you have added for this process and you have select which all role can create this process.

 Form Tab

Status Tab

This tab you can add the status for the process to find in which state the process is in during execution. On create you always get 3 default status NEW,WIP and DONE.


Other Variables

With this tab you can any extra variables that are needed to be saved in VARS table. During the initial creation we usually get RESULT,RESULT NOTE,STATUS in vars. In-case if you more than that to be stored in vars then you can use this tab.

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