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WManager Front end pages

The dummy pages pages are nothing but the pre-existing pages that comes along with the core installation. The dummy pages consist of a predefined template containing the most necessary details. The WManager contains the Business Process Management features that helps the user to create process through which their business data flows. Business management tools are Process,Activity and Troubles.

The WManager consists of the following preset pages:

  • Customer list
  • Business entity list
  • Thread List
  • Activity List
  • Trouble List
  • Simple Inorder Page

 dummy pages list

Accounts / Customer / Client List

This page consist consist of list of clients that are loaded to the application's accounts table. This page displays the basic details of the customer. On Click of the customer name it takes you to customer details page. Accounts Page

Accounts Details

This page provides all the general details that are provided relating to the customer. This page will provide the following:

  • Contract Details
  • Personal Details
  • Business Entity Details and others

Details Page

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