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TECH2018/S2/Introducing the Workflow management system

Questions, Exercises and more

Questions Hints
Q Workflow management: Can you distinguish what pages are for Workflow Management and what are for other front-end features?
Q Forms: can you explain what is a form template?
Q Business data model: what can you remember about the default business data model?
Q @live: Can you explain shortly what is the @live step in a process?
Q Manual vs automated process: can you explain the difference between Manual vs automated process
Q Exit scenario: can you explain what is an exit scenario?
Exercises Hints
E Understanding the POA: In the training we did not explain the structure of the process data model. Can you try to list the informative set associated to the setup of a process?
- Process title;
- Each activity title
- [..]
More Hints
M Mockups: Do you know any mockup software? Look at

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