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TECH2018/S1/Introducing WMAnager

Session summary

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Questions, Exercises and more

Questions Hint
Q What are the main parts of WManager by the functions point of view?
Q How does the WManager infrastructure look like? OS, web server, database…
Q What are the main actors involved in WManager ecosystem? Look at TECH2018 Target audience..
Exercise Hints
1.1 Feasibility: try to consider one business scenario from your previous experience and check how you would have automated using WManager. The Exercise is aimed understand how to gain the most out of the four different components:
A. Built in features; 
B. Workflow management system; 
C. Extensions management; 
D. Development environment 
Look at: detailed_features_list and What is Wmanager FOR?
1.2 Software selection: try to focus what drivers you would consider in a software selection on WManager against other platforms
a) Split open-source software against licensed platforms;
b) Try to cluster the features list; 
c) Consider all other components of the solution.
More Hints
Q1.2 Licensing: Can I charge the final user for WManager usage? Look at MIT License and consider the difference between WManager software and Wmanager extensions

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