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WManager Detailed features list

The following image shows a detailed functional MAP of base WManager instance.

Business data model and business views
file-o dummy_front_end_pages
database default_business_data_model
trouble handling
file-o core_setup_trouble_types
process handling
file-o core_setup_processes
magic core_magic_form
magic dummy_simple_inorder
gears core_engine
gears core_actions
gears core_routing
file-o core_setup_attachments
file-o core_setup_companies
gears core_auth
Admin section
file-o dummy_admin_menu
database core_data_model
folder base_filesystem_structure
gears dummy_helper_menu
gears dummy_helper_acl
gears dummy_helper_date
gears dummy_helper_domain
gears dummy_actions extend actions capabilties
gears dummy_lib_email_send
gears dummy_lib_export
gears dummy_attachment
gears core_configurations_handling
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